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Saturday, November 22, from 21 hs .

1st anniversary of

Grissicultura Arts and Crafts Cultural Center


a true work of dreaming collectively


Documentary video projection

?? Grissinopoli , the new hope ??


Choir Plantar Bandera, presents Taki Ongoy


Devilish Murga of Villa Ortúzar





We wait for you:

In the factory recovered by its workers Grissinopoli
Charlone 55 - City of Buenos Airestel 

We invite you (s). to the presentation of the self-managing book:

On the border

(between repeating and dreaming)

poems and stories by the authors: Cecilia Boye Aldunate, Teresa Garghetti,

Gerardo Haberman, Juan Manuel Matera, Victor Orellana

On Saturday, November 15 at 6:30 p.m.

Free and free entry


En el border (between repeating and dreaming) is a cooperative venture, financed by its authors through the sales of the group's first book (Remain in Words - 2002), thus managing to give life to this Chimera, parts of diverse beings, which However, they form a single body, coherent, compact in their poetry and prose, where there are images that seek to stimulate the heart, and others that want to pierce the consciousness. The works are grouped into two anthologies. One is expressed through the parable, in the form of a fable, of fantasy. The other shows raw, direct emotions, without hiding or transfiguring anything. Both are faithful exponents of the potential of this self-managing group.

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POETRY: $ 3,500 in prizes.
Seventh National Poetry Contest Tandil 2003

El "Centro Cultural de la Piedra Movediza" convoca al Séptimo Concurso Nacional de Poesía - Tandil 2003, dotado este año de un Primer Premio de 2000 pesos en efectivo, trofeo de plata, diploma de honor y publicación del trabajo ganador.
Se ha instituido un Segundo Premio de 1000 pesos en efectivo, trofeom de plata, diploma de honor y publicación de la obra, y un Tercer Premio de 500 pesos en efectivo, acompañado de trofeo de plata, diploma de honor más la publicación del respectivo trabajo.
Se habrán de otorgar 3 (tres) Premios Especiales a los mejores trabajos presentados por menores de 21 años consistentes en trofeos de plata, diplomas de hnor y la edición de los trabajos mencionados. Estos premios no serán excluyentes, pudiendo sus autores acceder a la premiación general.
The jury in turn will extend up to 6 (six) Mentions, for which the work will be published to the nominated authors.
As in previous competitions, the jury will be made up of critics and literary creators of recognized international prestige.
The bases must be consulted at:

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