First Patagonian Congress
Society Psychology Culture
 October 17, 18 and 19

to date they confirmed their participation
       Enrique Carpintero      
    Alfredo Grande  
 Alfredo Moffatt
   Leon Rozitchner  
Vicente Zito Lema
Coordinates Diana Coblier
 Scientific Committee
Silvia Chejter Alejandro de Oto Lucila Galay  
  Alicia Salas Marta Vasallo
  Organized by Fundación Tehuelche and Atico
The selected works will be published on the Internet.
  Two selected works will be published in TOPIA magazine

 Argentine Association of Group Psychology and Psychotherapy, AEAPG Argentine School Association of Psychotherapy for Graduates, APSRA. Association of Social Psychologists of the Argentine Republic, TOPIA Magazine directed by Enrique Carpintero, CAMPO GRUPAL Magazine directed by Román Mazzilli, Enfoques Alternativos Magazine, LA TECL @ Digital magazine, National Psychology Schools of Buenos Aires and La Plata, Social Psychology Schools de Neuquen, Gral. Roca, Río Negro, Trelew, Chubut, Esquel, Comodoro Rivadavia and Bahia Blanca, Group Dynamics Chair, Faculty of Social Sciences National University of Lomas de Zamora, Chair of Medical Psychology Faculty of Medicine National University Buenos Aires AMPARE Home with a Day Center for the Mentally Handicapped, Municipality of Rawson Secretariat of Social Action Chubut, Center for Psychodrama and Sociodrama Zerka Moreno, Implicated Psychoanalysis Seminar. Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, Women in Film, Educational Center in Social Psychology of Buenos Aires
President of the Organizing Committee Alicia Padin
Area City and Province of Bs As Alfredo Grande
Administrative and Accounting Area Elvira Martin Becerra.
First 70 registrations, value $ 70 pesos
Check accommodation at the Congress venue , limited places. ..
Reports, Registration and Presentation of Works
     Te . Fax: